— Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight




— J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail



Created and performed by Karen Hines


Imagine moving into the cutest little house in downtown Toronto only to discover a string of hidden defects that drain your life savings and threaten to ruin your life. Award-winning writer and performer Karen Hines explores the darker side of property ownership in CRAWLSPACE, a new play that premiered at Toronto’s Videofag, a 15-seat gallery and performance lab in the heart of Kensington Market.


CRAWLSPACE is inspired by Hines’ true story of buying a fully detached 'condo alternative' in a hip downtown neighbourhood in a heated market... and how it all went horribly, nightmarishly wrong. The story became a National Magazine Award-nominated feature called My Little House of Horrors (Swerve Magazine). It was then adapted as a stage play, and was first performed for boutique audiences tiny kitchens, as well as in designer homes.


From 2015 — 2018, CRAWLSPACE has enjoyed sold-out theatrical runs, house party readings and critical acclaim in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. The play was nominated for 5 Dora Mavor Moore Awards including Best New Play, and was published by Coach House Books, nominated for the Playwrights Guild of Canada’s Carol Bolt Award, and recently won the Literary Guild of Alberta’s prize for Best Play.


Now being adapted as a feature film, CRAWLSPACE is a darkly comedic tale that unearths the darker side of property ownership and moves past 'cautionary' as it snakes through the brutal battleground of real estate, decorative twig orbs and the state of the human soul.




(Calgary Premiere)

January 15 — 19, 2019

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“Savagely funny!”
— Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine

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“A wonderful piece of theatre created and delivered by

a master of understatement

to great effect.


— Lynn Slotkin,

The Slotkin Letter, Toronto

“One of the ten best productions of 2015.”


— J. Kelly Nestruck,

The Globe and Mail



"The captivating Hines spins a good yarn… and Hines’s cautionary tale is, of course, more relevant than ever. Her giant middle finger to the system is potent therapy for everyone feeling left behind or shut out from the dream (or nightmare?) of home ownership."

— Jordan Bimm, NOW, Soulpepper, Toronto


"Hines’s performance is wonderful, but the real magic here is her writing. Crawlspace is full of incredible details and observations … darkly comedic and emotionally daring. Crawlspace is resistance theatre and it’s nothing short of inspiring."

— Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight, Boca del Lupo, Vancouver


"Revealing her story like a gothic thriller with a shadowy real estate agent, a duplicitous seller … she pushes its impact beyond shock value through sheer ability and mastery of her craft."

— Carly Maga, Toronto Star


"Hines’s story is about what happens when we let greed undermine decency—her character accuses herself of being credulous, but it’s much clearer that she was massively deceived… Fear not. Hines finds hilarity in darkness as surely as a pig finds truffles in the mud."

— Colin Thomas, Vancouver


"Crafty, comical and self mocking, Karen Hines’s one-woman show Crawlspace will draw you in."

— Robert Cu shman, National Post, Toronto


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